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How to be safe and stylish in the fall?

Posted on4 Months ago by 524

Face masks have become a part of daily life for many people after the pandemic process. By now, you probably know that your face mask should always be clean and fit your face well. At the same time, with the new trends, people have already started to combine face masks with their clothes. So how can we combine our mask colors with our clothes?

These practical pieces are also opportunities to show your personal style. When looking for a face mask for women, you can now find many fashion options added to your outfit. We'll show you how to style a face mask with your clothing, the latest trends and our favorite looks, in clothes that fit perfectly with face masks.

How to Wear Face Masks?

While wearing a face mask, style doesn't have to go out the window. Here are some face mask tips on how you can wear your own face without hiding your personality and fashion sense.

  • Combine a bold fashion face mask design or color with an outfit of neutral hues for a pop of contrast.
  • Choose a mask in color that is part of a printed piece you're wearing, or vice versa.
  • Wear a mask with the same print as some or all of your outfit (more on that later!).
  • The hat is a stylish alternative for sunny summer days.

Face Mask and Fashion Trends

When you look at a fashion face mask, you may notice that it reflects a current trend in women's clothing. Here are some of the favorites we've seen so far.

  • Lace overlay - on all summer dresses and dresses, and now on face masks. (It's almost like wearing a sexy face mask.)
  • Gingham - This sweet summer edition was used frequently and was everywhere this season.
  • Embroidered details from delicate flowers to your initials.
  • Colorful camouflage print - Pink is a common favorite (and our favorite too).
  • Animal prints - Leopard of course, but we've seen that others like zebra and snake skin are also available.

Our Favorite Face Masks and Outfits

When it comes to creating a complete face mask outfit, we have lots of womenswear styles that can complement your mask. Neutral colors and dark shades create many opportunities to mix and match with any mask you might have. Stylish black and white outfits fit perfectly with a bold printed face mask.

Match Your Face Mask to Your Outfit

Our fashion masks collection has custom made prints and colors to wear with some of our must-have styles so you can create outfits that match perfectly with face masks. Pair our iconic leopard print stylish face mask with our new leopard print duster for fall, or opt for our black and white python print mask that matches our new python denim jacket. Of course, we can't say no to the mottled dots, and our black and white polka dot mask is suitable for most of our on sale summer styles.

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