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What is affiliate marketing?

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Affiliate marketing is one of the most developing investments of recent times and earning the most through regular work in our country as well as in the world. Its original name is "Affiliate Marketing". We can see affiliate marketing as a kind of marketing, intermediary.

The product or products available for sale are the basis of the Affiliate. The affiliate earns a certain commission in exchange for the sales of these products by those who are affiliates. Suppose a product is 100 TL and the firm pays 10% commission for its sale. With the sale of this product of the sales partner, 10 TL is transferred to his account as his own earning.

We can examine Affiliate marketing under three different headings:
CPS (Cost per Sale): In this model, you can make earnings per sale made, as mentioned in the above example, the most widely used model could be called affiliate in Turkey. Considering that a dress is 200 TL and you earn 10% from its sale, the earnings per dress sold will be 20 TL. Considering that we sell one piece of this dress per day, we will have 20x30 = 600 TL monthly income. This is the working principle of the affiliate in this model. In Turkey, almost every woman at least once in his or acquaintance who is an Avon sales partnership that we can give as an example of this model.

CPL (Cost Per Lead): It is an Affiliate model where you earn earnings per membership. For example, let's assume that pays 1 TL per customer you sign up. By sending 10 members a day, you earn 10 TL.

CPA (Click per Action): Although this method is generally designed for blog / website owners, it is an affiliate model that you can make a profit even if you do not have a blog or website. The main purpose of this model is to attract the customer to the website, it is a model where you make money by making certain transactions within the site even if the customers who enter the site with your link do not buy anything.

this area in recent years has been developing very rapidly in Turkey. Although the earnings rate is high, it's entirely in your hands. It is known that the number of people worldwide who only get along with business in this way is substantial. Assuming that the income you will earn from an average sale is 20 TL, 3 sales per day will earn you 60 TL (it should not be said that 3 sales per day are not sold because these products are sold dozens of times a day). Turkey could call a really nice amount of standards.

Of course, the number of people who dream of doing this job to use people is increasing at the same rate as the popularity of this job increases. Some companies or holding (!) Companies make people a member of a system by paying a certain amount of money and make you try to make them your sub-branch by deceiving other people with promises of wealth in the future, and with this method, they get high unfair gains over people. For this reason, it will always be your advantage to work with companies that earn three cents less but will pay off somewhere without paying for your labor.

Almost all shopping sites use the above mentioned CPL model in their systems. With this model, you earn a certain amount of earnings (2 TL on Cosmedrome) from each sponsored member by opening membership. Other than that, both in Turkey and in Europe and has developed Cosmedrome both clicks and you can earn from affiliate sales and a system that you can follow in real time through the system. If you are thinking of making money with this method, you can check out Cosmedrome's affiliate service by clicking here.

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