What is the Affiliate Program?

Partnership service is the process to make money from every sale from your references when you subscribe to Cosmedrome affiliate program. That way, you can sell products through the links without the need to even leave your home.

How the system works?

After creating your membership at address you can activate your affiliate program from your "My Account" page. After you activate your affiliate program, you will see your affiliate link. You can share this links to your friends via e-mail, social media accounts, forum pages etc. You can see your links' usage from the affiliate panel. When new users join the website and buy products, you will get your commission. You can also visit our product pages and see specific product links from product pages, too. It is possible to see commission you'll get when that product sold, too.

How much will I earn?

Affiliates can get revenue from each unique users' visits and the sales. Commission fee is the 7% of the price your customer paid to buy products (except shipping prices of the orders) 

Additionally, the customers you got revenue from their purchase become your lifetime affiliate and you continue to get 1% commission from their all purchases forever. (BETA)

Note: If your lifetime affiliate reach the website from another one's link and buy products, that customer leaves you and become someone else's affiliate.

How can I see my revenue?

You can visit the "Affiliate" page from the "My account" page to see all the details about the visits, sales, revenue etc.

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