Anyone who sells at Cosmedrome is deemed to have read and accepted all of the following rules and any subsequent changes.
Pursuant to the Regulation on Service Providers and Intermediary Service Providers in Electronic Commerce, the SELLER is required to specify registered e-mail (PEP) addresses in accordance with the electronic notification, update their registered addresses and correctly enter the defined mobile phone numbers in the membership information.
Members, no merchant account statement contrary to the laws of the Republic of Turkey can not use during use.
Members may not use graphics or texts that include violence, racism, gender or religion / sectarian discrimination during the use of the merchant account.
Graphics or texts with obscene and political content that contain threats, blasphemy, slang, and expressions that do not conform to customs and traditions cannot be used during vendor account use.
Under no circumstances shall products be used in terms of profanity, slang or humiliating content that may lead to unfair competition. In addition, other SELLER or SELLER or their products, defamatory, defamatory and insulting statements can not be included.
Graphics and texts cannot be sexually explicit.
Contact information cannot be entered in purchase and sale requests and product entries. (tlf, web address, e-mail address, etc.).
In product and demand entries, the brand or model of the product as well as the actual description shall be entered. (Example: PİRELLİ = TIRE)
The SELLER accepts, declares and undertakes that the product (s) he / she has offered for sale in the seller account belong to him and that there is no legal or actual obstacle to the sale of the product (s) by him / her. The SELLER agrees that all the products on this site shall be published by Cosmedrome for the same purpose in a limited number of other e-commerce sites within the same scope.
SELLER, the SELLER sent to the pool account for the transfer of the sales price to the SELLER, including the VAT Service fee commission is cut and after the buyer's approval of the product SELLER Cosmedrome'a ​​reported to be transferred to the bank account; In this process, accepts, declares and undertakes that Cosmedrome does not make any transactions and savings on its own behalf on the money of the BUYER in the pool account.
The SELLER accepts, declares and undertakes that Cosmedrome shall have no responsibility and obligation in this case in case of the buyer's withdrawal of the product at any stage of the purchase-sale process taking place on the Site and for any reason whatsoever.
The SELLER is solely responsible for all kinds of damages of the PURCHASERS and third parties arising from the sale and the payment of the PURCHASER, and the right to arise from all claims and claims brought by the PURCHASER and the right holders. and claims, expenses and attorneys' fees. There is always the right to recourse the lawyer's fee, indemnity and other claims against the Cosmedrome to the SELLER arising out of all lawsuits to be brought by the BUYER and the right holders.
SELLER, Consumer Protection Law No. 4077 within the scope of the Law on the Buyer is responsible for all; Cosmedrome, which is not a party to the selling contract between the BUYER and the SELLER, accepts, declares and undertakes that there is no commitment and obligation.
The BUYER cannot hold Cosmedrome responsible for any defect of the product purchased. The BUYER may direct any complaint about the product purchased to the SELLER.
Cosmedrome's ability to change the services and contents of the Site at any time; Reserves the right to deactivate and delete the information and content uploaded by the users to third parties, including the users. Cosmedrome may use this right without notice. Users are obliged to carry out the changes and / or corrections requested by Cosmedrome immediately. Requests for changes and / or corrections requested by Cosmedrome may be made by Cosmedrome if deemed necessary. The damages, legal and penal liability arising from or arising from the failure to fulfill the requested changes and / or corrections requested by Cosmedrome on time are entirely the responsibility of the Users.
Cosmedrome does not act as mediator or arbitrator for any disputes between users within the scope of the services provided on the site.
The purpose of the services provided by Cosmedrome is to enable users to communicate with each other and to provide a secure payment infrastructure for transactions made between users through the site.
Cosmedrome is not responsible for the legal problems that may arise between you and the rightful company if the industrial rights (trademark, design registration and patent protection) of the products we mediate to sell at Cosmedrome belong to different companies or if the product on sale is on the prohibited product list. All responsibility belongs to the companies exhibiting unfair use. Cosmedrome reserves the right to unilaterally remove your products and suspend the seller account in case of any objection or warning from the rightful company. However, Cosmedrome may apply to the SELLER if any damage occurs.
Users are responsible for all taxes, duties, duties and similar liabilities arising from the sale or sale of the products purchased and sold through the Secure Payment System and services. Cosmedrome is not responsible for any and all liabilities arising from sales and transactions arising from taxes, duties, duties and similar liabilities.
SELLERS are obliged to accept products that meet the Return Conditions within 7 days of delivery.

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