Dear Business Owner! Do you want to create your own online store, and have wider customer profile?

If you want to sell your  own products on internet, we have a really good offer for you. Take your place in the world’s largest marketplace and promote your products all around the world.

Simply, How our system works?

  • open your own individual membership from

  • make your own firm application from “my account ’’tab

  • in the moment when you’re accepted, you can start to create your own online store

  • and add your products to our website.

Advantages of working with us?

You do not have to any payment for membership to cosmedrome. Besides there is no limit to add your product.You can add an unlimited number of  products, without paying any extra charges and you can sell them freely. Except commission fee which is specified for advertising and other expenses (5% max.), you do not live any confrontation comission with your sales.

Individuals can not sell their products, It is reliable because only businesses can sell their products who has a tax number.

Advertising and Marketing

When your products are issued, you can see your products in all social media sites and advertisements of google search engine and start to visible also in facebook online store at the same time. Your products also can be sold simultaneously at google and facebook sites.

and after?

Just wait and watch for your sales.

Online Shop and Collection Pages

When you create your own online store on ‘’ , simultaneously you will have your own collection and store pages.

The links what you have ( for store, for your collections for your seller profile ) you can share with your own clients and contact with them nearby you can do your advertisement for your own product and do your own sales easily.

International Sales

When you’re adding your products to your own system we also give you a possibility to add your products language of english and polish. And after you can select the country where you want to sell your international sales.

To have more information you can follow our website ( ) and can visit our blog page ( , beside you can watch our social media account.

Be part of cosmedrome with full of advantages.

Discover the easily of internet sales.

We wish you good luck for your sales.

How sales system work?

Transactions are shown in the table below. When your customers buy your products.


After the completion of product delivery, the seller’s commission rate will be detucted from total fee and with this way money transfer is achieved.

Vehicle Sales Partners fee , advertise of your products costs etc.  taken from you commision fees under the name.



Creating a merchant account in Cosmedrome is completely free. Each merchant account holder has their own merchant and store pages at no charge. Until September, our merchants who created merchant accounts in Cosmedrome have free unlimited product listings. The standard commission rate is 15%, but commission rates will also automatically decrease in the same direction as the number of open items for sale increases.

For more detailed information please click here, for more detailed information about us you can visit our blog page, follow our social media accounts.

Join Cosmedrome's world of advantages.

Discover the ease of selling from the Internet.

Have good sales!