Dear Business Owner! Do you want to create your own online store, and have wider customer profile?

The Internet is a giant market for product sales. Take your place in the world's largest market and promote your products all over the world.

Simply, How our system works?

  • open your own individual membership from

  • make your own firm application from “my account ’’tab

  • in the moment when you’re accepted, you can start to create your own online store

  • and add your products to our website.

Advantages of working with us?

You do not pay for membership in Cosmedrome. There is no product addition limit. You can add an unlimited number of products at no additional cost and you can sell these products for free in your store. You will not experience high commission rates and extra fees.

Advertising and Marketing

Your products will be running on all social media sites, Google ads, the Google search engine, and the Facebook store at the same time that they are published on and your products can be sold simultaneously on Facebook and Google sites. You only need to add your product and wait for your sale.

Online Shop and Collection Pages

When you create your own online store on ‘’ , simultaneously you will have your own collection and store pages. The links what you have ( for store, for your collections for your seller profile ) you can share with your own clients and contact with them nearby you can do your advertisement for your own product and do your own sales easily.

International Sales

If you are authorized to export, Cosmedrome gives you the freedom to sell to all countries. All you have to do is add your contracted cargo companies to mark which countries you are selling .. Cosmedrome will bring your products to your potential customers in those countries. When adding your products to the system, we allow you to add product information in Turkish, English and Polish, so we help you to present your stores and products to customers in different countries in their own language.


Creating a merchant account in Cosmedrome is completely free. Each merchant account holder has their own merchant and store pages at no charge. Until September, our merchants who created merchant accounts in Cosmedrome have free unlimited product listings. The standard commission rate is 10%.

Seller Payments

Payments to our vendors are made every Friday. The payments of your completed orders are made to the bank accounts specified in your account. If you have orders that are not yet completed, the payments of these orders will be transferred to the next payment period. You can check the detailed breakdown of the payments you received and will receive from your dealer panel.

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