If you are not satisfied with the product you have purchased can be returned within 7 days. To return your product;

  • There must be a problem outside the customer's control (the product does not look like the picture, the product is faulty, etc.)
  • The product mustn't be used after delivery,
  • The package of the product mustn't be corrupted,
  • Return process must be made from the account that purchased the product,
  • You must apply for return process in 7 days after purchase.

How can I apply for return?

You can apply for return from "My Account" page at the top right of the page. Our team will be contacted with you after your return application. Nonetheless, you can follow your return process from "My Merchandise Returns" page. 

Please apply the following:

* You can only refunds within 7 days of delivery date. You are not allowed to make a refund from the end of the 7th day.

* You must select the product (s) to be returned during the return application. If the product is not selected, you will not receive a refund because there is no product with the option of return.

Please pay attention to the following items when returning.

* Do not send the product directly to us when you request a refund. Wait for your return phase to be set as expected.

* Please be sure to add your return receipt to your package when your return phase changes to "Product expected".

With the approval of your application, our team will contact and help you with the address informations where you will send the product back. When the team get your package, they will examine the product whether it is appropriate to return and pay your payment back to your account.

You can contact us with "Contact Us" buttons which are placed at the top and bottom parts of the website, with a direct mail to support@cosmedrome.com or with +90 850 885 2268 phone number.

Thank you.