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How can I check my discount coupons and use them while shopping?

You can see your discount coupons from "My Vouchers" page under the "My Account" section which is located at the right top of 

my vouchers.jpg

To use your vouchers during the shopping, you need to write your voucher code to its place at the first page (Summary Section) of "Proceed to Payment". After a successful usage of voucher, your cart summary will be shown like below:

usage of coupons.jpg

How can I get an information about shipping countries of products? allows all sellers to sell their products all around the world. That's why international companies can sell and ship their products easily with the help of the Cosmedrome. But some of the sellers can not sell their products to the different countries because of their country's tax restrictions. If a product owner can not sell his product to specific countries, his products can not be seen by the customers from these countries. Customers are allowed to add only possible products to their carts.

It is sometimes possible to be shown infeasible products by the customers because the seller's mistakes with the product creation. ın such cases, Cosmedrome's system doesn't let customers pay for these products if there is not potential shipping company selected by the seller. When the customer tries to buy this product, system will show no shipping option and user won't be able to move to the payment page.

Is it possible to use cash on delivery (COD) as a payment method?

Because sellers from different countries have different shipping companies are had an agreement and shipping companies are causing problems at international cargo delivery, cash on delivery system causes problems as a payment method.

By the way, all vendors not to give support to the cash on delivery, we cannot support it to prevent our vendors' rights against the malevolent customers. You can follow this page to get an informations about COD system in future.

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Adding and Editing Products

Adding and Editing Products

This page shows the steps you need to take to add your products to Cosmedrome. To add your products, you must have a merchant account in Cosmedrome. Please click here for detailed information. Once your merchant account has been activated, you will see your merchant panel within the "My Account" menu. Please see the picture below:


To add a product, you need to click on the "Product" button to see your product list. You can add new products or edit / delete existing products by clicking the "Add Product" button at the top right.

If you want your products to be activated as soon as possible, be aware of the conditions for adding products. You can read the documents with information about adding products, please click here.

How can I sell my products?

To sell your product, you've to create your shop first. After creation completed, we will ask you to send us some documents (like tax form etc.) to prove that you're a legal seller. When you send those documents to us, we will check your documents and approve your shop in 24 hours. 

What should I pay attention to when adding products?

With the developing technology, selling products on the internet is now inevitable for both business owners and those who want to earn individual profits. And now that you are selling products on the internet, you have to step forward from your competitors. You will find that there are quite a number of options for each product on the product adding page via Cosmedrome. Although you have to fill all the fields, the excess of fields you fill will ensure you stand out from your competitors who sell the same product to you. What are the benefits:If you have not noticed, the system will ask you to write both short and long descriptions for each product. Short description The field where you can best understand your product with a few sentences. Although you do not have to write short descriptions, your listing will give you a lot of useful information about your product's visibility in search engines.

* Short descriptions will be used in search engines to explain your product. When this field is left blank, search engines will have mixed words in the site instead of a regular slogan.

When your product short description area is full, your product will appear on search engines as follows:


When the product short description field is empty, your product will appear on search engines like this:

* The second shortcoming is that you can create a problem about advertising your product over Cosmedrome. At Cosmedrome, every product you add is advertised on google shopping and facebook for free. In order for your products to be displayed on these advertising networks, short descriptions of your products and brand segments of the product must be filled in. It is important that these areas are full so that your products can be sold on networks outside the site.

* Another important thing you should pay attention to when adding your product is product prices. The default currency on Cosmedrome is EURO. For this reason, you need to add the prices in EURO when adding your products. The price of your product will be automatically converted to other currencies according to the current exchange rate.

Finally, the categories included in the product add-on page and the main category option are very important for the product to appear in the correct categories and to increase sales with product demonstrations. Including your product in irrelevant categories can also cause your product to be disabled indefinitely. For this reason, you need to be sensitive about the categories.

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Affiliate Program
How can I apply to affiliate program?

You must have a customer account to subscribe as an affiliate. After creating an account, fill out the subscription form by using the "Subscribe as an affiliate" button from the "My Account" menu.

After you complete your subscription, you can see your affiliate link on the screen and start distributing it. (In addition, on each product page you'll start to see links to that product page special to you.)

How can I get my affiliate payments?

You can request a payment when you reach the 15 Euro limit. After the request is made, we ask you for your bank details and the payment is made to your account as soon as possible. You are also allowed to upload invoices when requesting payments.

How much can I earn from affiliate sales?

When people click on your links and create an order, you get 7% commission from all the sales. They don't have to buy them directly after clicking your links. They'll still be your customer and you'll get this commission even they buy products in 15 days. They don't have to click to your links each time. If they create an order in 15 days, they'll also be your lifetime affiliate and you'll continue to get extra 1% commission from their purchases forever.

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